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Born to feast at the table of learning all my life

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Oh my, how should I start? I could put all that dry standard information showing I am a statistic.But I would rather list the important items that help mold my character and what is important to me as an individual, reflecting how I live my life instead. I apologize for the long read.Feel free to just skip most of this if you want. My comments on articles serve me just as well.

I entered Basic Training in the Marine Corps at Parris Island, South Carolina.Finishing at the top of my class for physical fitness. I was very lucky to be part of a special program testing if women qualified for exact same combat training men passed..No changes made to the requirements. Happy to say, both platoons did a wonderful job. Then sent to Fort McClelland, AL, for Military Police training.

I love to dance in thunder storm rains.I fear no wind, nor lightening. So I don't pray God will end storms in my life,I ask He teach me to learn to dance in their rains

That which you persist in doing becomes easier. Not that the nature of the thing itself has changed, but that your power to do it has increased. If you want to be what you've never been, you have to do what you've never done.

Two men looked out of prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars.-We can't always change our circumstances, but we can always change our perspective.Keep your eyes focused upwards, not down. Altitude determines attitude.

Remember, even if you fall flat on your face in life,at least you're still moving forward! Success often means getting up one more time then falling down.So many people quit just one foot from the finish line.

A rose to the living is more sumptuous than a wreath to the dead. A pl.ain truth man never learns well. Seize now this swift day, send heart felt words on their way,Least death silence the words some would tell.

The difference between a rut and the grave, is depth.

The chains of habit are usually too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.Habits come in all shapes and sizes.

A man once saw a butterfly struggling to emerge from its chrysalis.Taking pity on it,he tore away the prison,releasing the creature so it could spread its wings freely.But something strange happened.Instead of witnessing the insect gently fly away,he saw those beautiful wings remain withered,deformed and all the butterfly could do was slowly crawl away dragging them behind it. Only too late did he realize by freeing it from the chrysalis he had doomed the little creature. For it was the very act of struggling that enabled its fluids to flow into the tiny veins of the wings and allowed them to fill out so when it finally emerged, they could expand and spread open fully.Enabling that most lovely soul to soar to the heavens where it belonged in wonder. A butterfly may not know it's destiny while a caterpillar.Nor understand the reason for its struggles. But for human eyes whose life spans greater seasons,the joy and wonder of watching it from birth to wings unfolding, is no less thrilling. Likewise as a human one cannot see themselves for who they truly are. Therefore it should not surprise us.It's only with the passage of time we often finally understand the message of the butterfly

Mean people treating me badly, only saddens me because they are hurting inside.The world truly needs more love and compassion to help people heal and prevent them from getting hurt to begin with.

Prickly people are just like cactus surviving in the desert. Something that has adapted to handle the roughness of life.But when showers come, then the blossoms come forth. Thorns don't stop rain drops!We all need nourishment to show the goodness inside!

Become the change one wants to see. Change the world, one person at a time. It must start with me. 10 acts of kindness. It doesn't have to be huge. Let cars into traffic. Find someone in a crowd, and smile at them, give someone your spot in line so they are closer.Check on neighbors, support worthy causes,give extra help to local drives,state. Seek out needs that are important, even overseas.Maintaining within my budget.I can't ask others to help if I myself don't first become the change I want to see.

He drew a circle to shut me out, I drew one larger that took him in.

Most people talk,but few people understand how to truly listen.If we can listen 50% of the time, and talk 30% then we will spend the remainder 20% thinking. That will give us time to consider what we have heard.

But if a person finds themselves doing most of the talking in conversations, then they are not listening my friend. It is that simple. Silence in a discussion is not a bad thing. It is just that most people are used to not listening. Most of us are thinking about what we will say in response to what the other person is saying as they talk.

Time is the only commodity we all share in common no one has to pay for which never spoils,cannot be stored,reused, traded, stolen, and yet promptly arrives fresh each new sunrise and is priceless. It expires as soon as we get it,we seek to hoard it for future needs and take it for granted by planning to live a long life with our loved ones. We waste more of it putting off things we should do then doing those we should, doing things which aren't good for us then which are, living in the past so often or through others lives and never appreciate how quickly time passes us by until it has passed us by, even as it still passes us by. If it weren't for the last-minute most things in our life would probably not get done. It's only when we finally realize we are nearing the end of our supply of time in old age or illness, that most suddenly get the motivation to finally spend the energy using what's left of time more wisely, instead of having spent more wisely every moment of time each day, living a more wisely used life to the end. As many have lamented, if they had known they would have lived so long they would have taken better care of themselves!Who will look back and see what we have purchased with the gift of time and how wise or foolish we have been?Time does come one to a customer, however there are countless vicarious lessons waiting for the observant one to help them use time more wisely.

Don't offend others to prove your right and they're wrong.Feelings are more important then facts. You may win the battle but lose the war.Love them just as they are right now.It's okay if others don't see things the same way as you do,when you've explained your side and they still won't agree. Don't miss out on getting to spend time with those you love and care about because of differences.Life's extremely precious.You will rue the day you failed to make up because you let pride stand in your way.

The arrow of time flies too swiftly towards our mortal end. The past is gone, the future will never be yours, only today is within your grasp, this moment your gift to unwrap and use.Live with no regrets and earnestly.Live it like the sun,burn bright and true.

Death is blowing out the candle because the dawn has come.

Some go through life illuminating everyone they meet, while others move like deadly storms with destruction behind their feet.Choose wisely all the council that you keep. Else a sudden storm rise up and you perish instead of sleep.-often our friends make or break us

Nature is a massive classroom in the university of life. Filled with lessons at all levels for those willing to learn. Weeds teach about procrastination. As soon as a problem springs up is the best time to solve it. Waiting longer always leads to many more troubles that can invade many other areas of our life. Perhaps some which even spread to friends and loved ones. Or choke our future potential, can even destroy our happiness and very life in the end. Procrastination is one of man's most greatest vices.

Morality, without an absolute standard becomes meaningless in the end.For each man will set his own mark, which will vary from person to person.Just as a compass needs to have a true north, which is constant for all other directions to follow,so too does man, need a constant unwavering absolute true moral standard from which all other standards are weighted up against. That standard is God himself, and His Son, who is the Author of Truth, the Author of all highest moral standard and laws for man's benefit and protection. Against His absolute laws, man follows and measures right from wrong, honesty, decency, compassion, expectations of how to treat his fellow brother or sister. As recorded in the Old and New Testaments in the Ten Commandments. These basic commandments perfectly demonstrate the behaviors expected from us by our Creator towards everyone. Regardless what race, culture, ethnicity, sex, family or other religion, even enemy.It also rests basically on two laws.To love God,and love one another as themselves. This would include forgiving others no matter what.

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count,but the life in your years.Abraham Lincoln

Thanks for being so patient and reading all of this!

By the way, how is your life going?Write it in crayons! It's okay to have fun and doodle on the edges!